Rnbiza Berlin - 23H

Ibiza House blasts RnB Music! Mit einem brandneuen Soundkonzept und dem dazugehörigen Tohuwabohu heißen wir euch am Samstag den 18. März im FELIX ClubRestaurant willkommen. Feel the extravagant sound of Ibiza paired with a smooth touch of RnBMusic. An den Turntables unsere RNBIZA Residents DJ KOJI & NINO SOL. The island became a place of pilgrimage in the 60s and a place of residence for intellectuals, artists, and free souls. In this sense we're trying to match RnB Vibes and the famous Ibiza House Sound. It's time to create something new, so, what about you! #areyouprestigeenough ?!



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Only 6€ entrance till 00:30 with registration.

Prestige Premium Clubbing

There's more than you could imagine as the clock strikes midnight, so dive into the deepest grounds of high society clubbing. Prestige Premium Clubbing was founded on 13 January 2012 and is one of the most popular party-labels in Berlin. Our guests always enjoyed the thrill of premium clubbing in amazing atmospheres at extraordinary clubs.